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A day at Gaia Spa at Grand Hyatt

April 17, 2011 | Hotels, Things to Do | Read More
Gaia Spa is one of the perfect locations for a day holiday without leaving the city… “Gaia” means Earth or Mother Earth; as such the mission of the Gaia Spa is to leverage from the organic healing nature of Mother Earth. Thus, therapists at the Gaia Spa source and use high-quality natural...

Local’s Picks: Art Gallerist Yasemin Elçi

Local’s Picks: Art Gallerist Yasemin Elçi March 8, 2011 | Food, Hotels, What's New | Read More
Yasemin Elçi is a hard “lifeworker”, in the sense that she realizes very early in life, how important it is to do what you like, despite all the popular views. She graduated from Robert College (RC), which is a highly competitive high school in Istanbul, in 2003. As many of RC’s highly...

Ritz Breakfast

Ritz Breakfast February 10, 2011 | Hotels, Things to Do | Read More
I would assume that breakfast at Ritz Carlton is not radically different from breakfast at Hilton or Conrad. It is a big hotel with many stars and a good brand name and is serving high quality, good variety breakfast like many other. And, I was at Ritz Hotel recently for breakfast and I must say that...

Cipriani is in Istanbul

Cipriani is in Istanbul January 9, 2011 | Hotels, What's New | Read More
The famous Cipriani has opened its new branch in Istanbul after New York, London and Venice. There shall not be much need to dwell on aspects of Cipraini and its legendary name and brand. Those who are familiar with it are already are… The more important and interesting part to me is where Cipriani...

Local’s Picks: İzim Bozada, your boutique hotel expert

Local’s Picks: İzim Bozada, your boutique hotel expert October 20, 2010 | Hotels | Read More
This of course is my personal opinion, but the best way to seize a city or town is if you stay at a pretty boutique hotel. Everyone and everything is then more personal, and there is a deeper local touch that is readily available to your eyes. In the past boutique hotels and pension in Turkey seemed...

Island hopping out at the Marmara Sea

September 9, 2010 | Hotels, Romantic, Things to Do | Read More
This article will be part of the strolling through series as although we will be island – hopping, we will eventually be strolling on the islands as well. The Princes’ Islands are an archipelago of six islands. The largest of the islands is the Büyükada, which is also one of the most inhabited...

Father’s Days Specials

June 15, 2010 | Events, Hotels, Things to Do, What's New | Read More
Fathers (men) do not generally use the presents that their children buy them. They tend to be more practical and less moved by diamonds and pearls like women. (A nice Mont Blanc might make a great difference or a Patek Philippe, but the odds that we can always afford those are questionable…) Therefore,...

Four Seasons Pre-Concert Menus and a Little Criticism

June 8, 2010 | Food, Hotels, What's New | Read More
Let’s start off with the facts & news first. Four Seasons Sultanahmet has come up with a brilliant new idea: serving pre-concert menus during the Music Festival Season, during which many of the concerts are being held in Sultanahmet. The pre-concert menu is served between hours of 18:30 and...

Strolling Through Galata

Strolling Through Galata May 20, 2010 | Food, free, Hotels, Things to Do | Read More
Galata Neighborhood It’s funny how fast this city is changing… Just as I thought I was grasping the gist of the Tunnel district, I found myself face to face with a new challenge. The Kuledibi Mahallesi in Galata, the Neighborhood beneath the Galata Tower in translation, has become an extensive neighborhood...

i-banker’s picks

April 24, 2010 | Hotels, Nightlife, Things to Do | Read More
I had started with concierge picks on a previous note. I am now moving on with different people from different sectors. Investment banker living around the hills of Arnavutköy, not willing to disclose their identity, kindly provided us with their picks in the city. 1. A friend of yours is visiting you...
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