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Bogazici Zoo and Botanic Garden

Bogazici Zoo and Botanic Garden June 26, 2011 | Kid Friendly, Things to Do | Read More
Bogazici Zoo, Bird Park and Botanic Garden are all founded on the same territory near Bayramoglu, Darica. Darica is approximately and hour and a half away from the center of Istanbul with car. The Zoo and its Gardens were founded in 1991. In 1993, the area was opened up for public visitation as well. One...

Shopping Festival Full-Fledge at Akmerkez

Shopping Festival Full-Fledge at Akmerkez March 24, 2011 | Events, Kid Friendly | Read More
Be ware of the upcoming weekend… The 26th of March will be a special day in Akmerkez. The shops will be open until 02:00 A.M. There will be musical performances and entertaining shows. Above all, there will be surprises for the visitors. The most special surprise for all will be as Akmerkez ends...

The Magic Ice Museum

September 6, 2010 | Kid Friendly, Things to Do, What's New | Read More
For the first time ever since its establishment, the Magic Ice Museum has opened in a mild climate. It was originally opened in Norway -one of the coldest European countries. The Museum has been around since the 23rd of April 2010, which was also the National Children’s day. The project has been...

Ramadan at Feshane

August 25, 2010 | Events, Kid Friendly, What's New | Read More
I have already written about Ramadan and the city a few times. One of the other must-see/experience Ramadan celebrations are at Feshane. Feshane is an international fair center at the coast of Haliç. It is founded over an area of 56,000 sqm. Although it is being used as a fair center today, Feshane...

Holidays in Istanbul: Celebrate May 19th!

Holidays in Istanbul: Celebrate May 19th! May 19, 2010 | Events, free, Kid Friendly | Read More
19th of May is a national holiday in Turkey, as such celebrations were held every where in the country.It is the day on which M. Kemal Ataturk landed in Samsun to initiate the War of Republic. The day has been devoted to the young generations as a commemeration of the adversities of war and importance...

International Puppet Fest

International Puppet Fest May 11, 2010 | Events, Kid Friendly, What's New | Read More
It is the 13th time of the Puppet Festival this year. Hand-made puppets will be exhibited and puppet theaters will be performed at Fransız Kültür Merkezi (French Culture Center), Kukla İstanbul, Garajistanbul and Notre Dame De Sion High School between the 4th and 16th of May. Scarecrows / Puppets...

Children’s Day in Turkey

April 23, 2010 | Events, Kid Friendly | Read More
Today is the (Inter)National Children’s Day and is celebrated like a national holiday in Turkey. People don’t go to work and as it is a long weekend this year, most of them have traveled -unless they were bound for a European district influenced by the volcanic activities of the past week. The...
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