Strange and Beautiful Sights Over Jerusalem

Events, What's New — By Judy Lash Balint on February 14, 2011 at 6:58 pm

A few weeks ago, a YouTube video was doing the rounds that supposedly showed some kind of UFO over the Temple Mount.  The footage was shot from the Haas Promenade at around 1 a.m–since then, the idea has been thoroughly debunked and it seems that the whole thing was, in all likelihood, an elaborate hoax.

What is real in the skies over Jerusalem is the welcome rain and, last week, with a strange mixture of sunshine and pouring rain, we witnessed a rare and stunning rainbow over the Old City.  I just happened to have my camera handy and snapped this shot at around 3 p.m looking eastward.

Phoot: Judy Lash Balint

This time of year tends to bring volatile weather and I remember several years ago in late February possibly the strangest sight I’ve ever seen in the skies over Jerusalem–a sandstorm of such proportions that everything was yellow.  It was like being in a yellow fog as the sun struggled to shine through the sand that was clouding the atmosphere casting a yellow haze over the city.

Occasionally–once every 2-3 years–Jerusalem gets a snowfall around this time of year.  The white stuff generally stays on the ground for less than 24 hours, everyone rushes around to take photos of the sites under their white wrap and then and we’re left with slush and water run-off for another day until things return to “normal” spring weather.

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