Restaurants in Jerusalem hotels: Who has the best food?

Food, Hotels — By Judy Lash Balint on January 22, 2012 at 10:21 pm

A surprising number of Jerusalem hotels have restaurants worth visiting, even if you’re not a guest there. One or two, like the Kohinoor Indian restaurant at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, or Scala across town at the David Citadel Hotel are specialty destination restaurants worthy of attention.

The Kohinoor is the only place in Jerusalem that serves up authentic Indian food with kosher certification. There’s a good value for money lunch buffet that’s served every day except Saturday, but the service is so good you’ll want to make a dinner reservation to sample a few of the North Indian style meat main dishes as well as the satisfying naan bread and the simple but exotic desserts.

Indian delicacies: Photo: J

Scala, billed as “a chef kitchen and bar” is a successful fusion of 5-star Mediterranean and Israeli style dining, where visitors can comfortably sit over drinks or enjoy a full dinner with impeccable and attentive service. The setting in the swanky David Citadel Hotel that has hosted prime ministers and presidents, film stars and religious leaders, is elegant and low-key and just a stone’s throw from the Jaffa Gate entrance to the Old City.

Just down the street is the Regence Grill in the iconic and stately King David Hotel. A classic kosher meat restaurant set in an elegantly appointed atmosphere of dark wood paneling and burgundy upholstery makes this one of Jerusalem’s favorite spots for a discreet rendezvous. The menu offers a variety of steak, perfectly grilled fish and fabulous desserts–all presented with panache.

Lobby, King David Hotel

The lobby of the popular Inbal Hotel has a more casual and informal feel and the menu is kosher dairy, so no meat dishes are served, but the quality of the dishes (go for the generous Mediterranean plate or the oh so fresh fish and chips) is top notch and the people-watching is a bonus. A nice local wine list rounds out the Inbal experience.



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  • Anette says:

    I must say that for me the number one Jerusalem restaurant is The American Colony Hotel’s, which serves outstanding food of numerous sorts and kinds. My alltime favorite: Shrimp Falafel — it’s a master piece, really :) and the fantastic desserts that always make me feel like it’s my birthday, even if it isn’t.


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