Top 5 Things to Do With Teenage Tourists in Jerusalem

Things to Do, Travel Tips — By Judy Lash Balint on March 16, 2012 at 3:55 pm

If you’re on a family vacation in Jerusalem and have teenagers with you, don’t be scared !  Jerusalem is one of the best places to find activities that will entertain and even educate your teens.

The Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt

This is one of the most creative and fun activities in Jerusalem for families, particularly those with teenagers tagging along. There are several itineraries to choose from that will take your teens on a fascinating, active, fun journey through different parts of Jerusalem, as they try to figure out the clues.

Getting clues for the Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt

Segway Tours

A novel way to see the city that should appeal to curious teenagers. Climb on a segway, strap on a helmet and roll in and out of places that might otherwise be inaccessible.

ATV Rides

Every teenager will want a go on one of these vehicles that are available to tour a variety of terrain just outside Jerusalem.

Zip Lining

15 minutes outside Jerusalem is the 2nd longest Zipline in the world and the longest in Israel.  Need I say more??

The Ramparts Walk

There are two routes that take visitors along the top of the walls of the Old City.  Each one takes about 2-3 hours to complete as your teens will let off some steam as they climb the many stairs up and down the ramparts that were used by Turkish soldiers for hundreds of years as they patrolled the walls to protect the city from intruders.  There’s lots to see from up above, and they’ll get a new view of the different quarters of the city from high up on the walls.

The Ramparts of Jerusalem's City Wall.© Judy Lash Balint

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  • Shiri says:

    Very inspiring post! Gave me some ideas for myself, although I’m not a teen 🙂

    I would also recommend for families traveling with teens to visit the Israel Museum which was renovated just recently. It has classic along modern art exhibits that will fascinate young people. Also, I would recommend taking one of the tours offered by Ir David (the City of David), such as a walking tour that goes through Nikbat Hizkiyahu – an ancient hand carved tunnel from the days of King Hizkiyahu through which water would run from the local Shiloach spring into the city of Jerusalem. It is about a 20 minute walk through the dark tunnel, with only flash lights. You actually walk in water all the way!! It is a lot of fun, I can tell you from my own experience 🙂

  • judyinjerusalem says:

    Great ideas! Thanks for the input….


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