Camping in Kauai

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Camping in Kauai

While many visitors to Kauai flock to the multitude of resorts and hotels scattered around the island, a few just come to visit Kauai in its natural state.  Imagine waking up ocean side to the sound of the rolling waves lapping against the sand – you, too, can accomplish this amazing experience through camping in Kauai.

Offering both state and county parks, it must first be noted that all camping on Kauai requires a permit but only county camping charges a fee – a mere $3 per person per night which is minimal when compared to an expensive resort stay easily costing thousands of dollars.

County parks available for camping on Kauai include Haena Beach Park, Hanalei Beach Park, and Anini Beach Park on the northern coast; Anahola Beach Park and Hanamaulu Beach Park on the east coast; plus Lucy Wright Park and Salt Pond Park on Kauai’s south west.  Anini Beach Park has a naturally protected reef just offshore that is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and viewing tropical fish; Salt Pond Park is also known for its beautiful calm bay, also perfect for snorkeling.

State parks available for camping on Kauai include Koke‘e State Park (adjacent to Waimea Canyon State Park), Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park to the north, and Polihale State Park to the west.  Polihale offers stunning views of the Na Pali Coast and picture perfect sunset views.

A county camping permit allows you to stay up to 7 consecutive days at one campground with a maximum 60 day total stay within all Kauai county parks.  Again, there is no charge for state camping but a permit is still required.  It is important to pay attention to and adhere to all campground rules such as the zero tolerance policy for alcohol; there are also restrictions in place as to fires, pets, nudity, and even noise levels.  It is strictly prohibited to try and feed wildlife or to try and disturb them or their habitat in anyway.

Besides being a great way to enjoy nature and time together as a couple, camping in Kauai makes for a perfect family vacation as well.  Many of the campgrounds are located near other island attractions and if you’re renting a car, a campground can be a very inexpensive home base to maintain.  With activities like hiking, swimming, snorkeling, roasting hot dogs and s’mores, you’ll be sure to create a memorable vacation for the whole family to enjoy for years to come.  And just think, because they’ll be having so much fun, they’ll never even know how much money you saved. Photo Credit: Polihale Beach, next time I’ll take my camping gear for here by .Shyam.

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