Bring home your piece of Kaua`i with Peace of Kaua`i earrings

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Souvenir buying and gifts for friends is always appealing while visiting Kaua`i, and now the need for holiday gifts is here. One of the best things you can do while shopping on Kaua`i is to buy local. One of my personal favorite local jewelry designers is Peace of Kaua`i (POK) Shell Earrings. Owner, designer and Kaua`i residnet Colleen Daly collects each shell and piece of sea glass herself along Kaua`i’s magical beaches and takes them home to create lovely earrings of all colors and sizes. She blends them often with precious stones, metals, crystals wood and other earthen beads to create beautiful earrings – and they’re super affordable.

A peace of Kaua`i

The earrings run from about $12 to $20 and she offers random sales often. It’s no secret that there’s an abundance of shell jewelry on Kaua`i, but what is locally made is often sold at a high price, and the affordable stuff is often imported from China, the Philippines, and Indonesia. But POK jewelry is sourced and made right on Kaua`i, and on small islands with a huge import rate for food and goods, shopping local is a very important part of achieving a sustainable future.

Puka shells, opihis, and glass beads

What’s really interesting about it is that the designer uses her creativity as an outlet from her days spent working as a sexual assault counselor, and finds relief and fun in shell collecting and creating jewelry.

A raindbow of P.O.K.

While on Kaua`i or still at home, feel free to make an order at or check out Colleen’s Facebook page at

Pink beach glass, a rare find

You can order, meet up with her to pick up a design, or now find them at Kapa`a’s Collectible Designs.

A day at the office

Not only are they beautiful and unique, and affordable, but they truly allow you to take home a piece of Kaua`i. And once you go, you’re always going to want a piece of Hawaii’s most peaceful island with you.

Elegant and beachy

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