On the beach dining takes the cake, romance wise, in Kaua`i

Food — By jeckardt on January 27, 2012 at 11:01 pm

Months ago while I was enjoying the sunset at Anini Beach on Kaua`i’s North Shore. The sun was just above the horizon when I noticed a woman setting up a candlelit table and chairs and tiki torches. Soon she set up a beach side kitchen and began cooking before a couple arrived and sat down at the table with wine.

The beach was empty, the sun was setting, and this couple was enjoying a romantic dinner lit only be candles, tiki torches,and the remnants of the day’s sunlight. The dinner was being prepared by Heavenly Creations, a unique small business that prepared beachside cooked dinners for couples and small groups. In hand with the current locovore and organic movement, they use only natural and organic ingredients, many of which are grown locally.

While many restaurants offer menus that don’t compliment a vegetarian, vegan, or allergy related diets, Heavenly Creations specialized in making meals that cater your personal health or dietary needs.

Beautiful Anini Beach

The menu can vary, and appetizers include dishes like lightly blackened shrimp skewers with a lilikoi (passion fruit) glaze, and local goat cheese topped with a tri-color array of olive or artichoke tapenade, sun dried tomatoes and pesto. A salad with papaya seed or lime ginger dressing is available.

Entrees include your choice of fresh local fish, wild Alaskan salmon, organic free-range Chicken, tofu or tempeh topped with macadamia nut sauce or tropical fruit salsa. They also offer side dishes, vegetable dishes, and deserts, all prepared while you enjoy the romantic atmosphere.

The wonderful thing about Anini Beach which is a popular spot for their dinners is that it’s generally wind free and the ocean is always calm there thanks to a far out reef.

For more information visit www.heavenlycreations.org.

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