Spend a day with Kaua`i’s organic goats

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Goats are often overlooked as great pets and friends, and as sources for healhty milk and cheese that is more human friendly than cow milk. At Kaua`i’s Kunana Dairy, goats are kept and cared for and greatly appreciated. The USDA certified organic farm is a family run establishment that opened in 1999, but the family has been farming organically since 1979. The farm is the source of a rather famous gourmet goat cheese that is found all around the island at top of the line restaurants, as well as other baked goods and goat milk. The farm is also home to chickens and honey bees.

Kunana Dairy isn’t just a home for goats and the people who make the gourmet products, but is also open for tours that last about one and a half to two and a half hours where guests are treated to a step-by-step explanation of the cheese making process, from milking the goats to the finished product. Reservations must be made beforehand. With the latest craze for consuming locally produced products, a visit to Kunana Dairy is a great way to get a peak at the island’s venture towards a sustainable future.

During the tour, guests have a light breakfast of seasonal fruit from the farm’s own organic orchard, which they can walk through. Guests also view and learn about the farm’s organic vegetable garden, and taste freshly-made baked goods.

Ramona, the author's pet goat

In 2010 the farm received the award of Best Home-Based Small Business on Kaua’i because they are so well-versed in practicing sustainable farming. Kunana cheeses are also found on the menus of Kaua’i’s finest restaurants and, of course, can be purchased at the farm. Truly unique is the line of body lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and body soaps that they have produced and infused with goat milk.

Ramona looking classy in black and white

The tour is ideal for visitors of all ages who are looking for a rather unique outing while on Kaua`i.

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  • Marilyn says:

    If she’s a pet, why does she have to be tagged and also, it looks as though she’s growing out of it. Are her babies taken away from her, or do you keep them, especially the males, since females are more beneficial?

  • jeckardt says:

    Hi, we purchased her from ranchers who were selling her as a meat goat (we had no intention of eating her though) so she came to us tagged. She hasn’t had babies yet but we have thought about putting her with a male so she could get pregnant.


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