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Discover Waimea Plantation Cottages

Discover Waimea Plantation Cottages August 17, 2010 | Hotels | Read More
Discover Waimea Plantation Cottages If you’re looking for a unique place to stay on Kauai, consider the Waimea Plantation Cottages located on the south western side of the island.  Rich in history with expansive grounds, Waimea Plantation Cottages are the perfect choice for those wanting to get away...

Fun Things To Do

Fun Things To Do July 15, 2010 | Things to Do | Read More
As the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai offers a variety of things to do . . . many focusing on the unique geography of the island. There are landmarks created by Mother Nature and those made popular by man. There are historic tales and spiritual hikes. Above all, there is an abundance of choices...

Eating in Kauai

Eating in Kauai July 3, 2010 | Food | Read More
On Kauai, you can find roadside stands offering ice cold coconut, gourmet restaurants with views of the ocean and dives that embrace both the casualness of the island and the variety of fresh food. Eating in Kauai is a vacation in itself, and there are many opportunities to experience Hawaiian cuisine. Fresh...