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It’s a known fact that KLites love to eat…and they love doing so out in the open, under the stars and late into the night. Supper is immensely popular with city folk. There are many hawker stalls that pop up at night just to cater for those hunger pangs.

Two favourite spots are Jalan Alor and Petaling Street.

Jalan Alor

Photo Sourced from saragoldsmith/flickr

Collapsible stools and tables spill out onto the pavements of this street, illuminated by the glow of countless fluorescent lights. Tourists and locals jostle to find the best hawker food. Here’s what to look out for the next time you’re on Jalan Alor:

Wong Ah Wah – tuck into his famous grilled chicken wings. This stall is located right at the end of the strip, closer to the open air car park.

– Cross the road, from Wong Ah Wah, for the best frog leg porridge in town. The stall doesn’t even have a name but it’s so popular you’d instantly recognize what they specialize in.

Meng Kee (just up the road from Wong Ah Wah) for their grilled stingray. You could swing by even as late as 4am for a quick fix of butter prawns, kangkung belacan and more.

Petaling Street at Chinatown

Photo Sourced from Mark Joseph Lopez/ flickr

Tourists flock to Petaling Street to stuff their suitcases with imitation goodies of the latest Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton handbags and sunglasses, T-shirts and watches. Locals on the other hand head to the numerous hawker stalls that line the surroundings streets at night. Check out:

Lien Bee (Lorong 1, Jalan Tan Cheng Lock) – top spot for thick, fat yellow noodles stir-fried in dark soya sauce (famously known as Hokkien noodles).

Hon Kee (opposite Hong Leong Bank on Jalan Hang Lekir) – they serve raw fish porridge.

Koon Kee (95, Jalan Hang Lekir) – for wan tan mee.

Also check out Jalan Alor for more information.

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