Get Lost in Kyoto Without Losing Your Way

What's New — By Zanni Davis on May 11, 2010 at 8:37 pm

In your wandering around Kyoto you could stay on the main roads visiting the big landmarks and attractions like the Shugakuin Imperial Villa or the Kinkakuji Temple.  While that’s all fine and dandy, take a little time to stroll off the beaten path. The scenery, people and places will amaze you.

Its impossible to get lost since the streets are laid out in a grid pattern. Use the main roads as your starting point but traverse the streets just parallel to those main thoroughfares and you can explore old wooden houses in the Higashiyama-ku district or find a tiny traditional tea house. History can be exciting when you visit Nijo Jinya, a trip here will show you that when it comes to setting booby traps the feudal Japanese can teach James Bond a thing or two.

Taking your time to explore these hidden gems will show you the side of Japan that is made so famous in movies. You will not lose out if you decide to get lost.

Image: Marufish/Flickr

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  • Christina Rebuffet-Broadus says:

    I would absolutely love to come and visit Kyoto, (more so than Tokyo) for its traditional side. I just joined NileGuide, but am going to really enjoy digging into your past articles! Please keep them coming!


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