Best Places to View the Lake…from the Lake

Things to Do — By christinanellemann on April 5, 2010 at 9:00 am

You may be planning on coming to Lake Tahoe to ski, gamble or to hike and mountain bike, but you know for sure you want to get up close to that crystal clear water. If you are not one for cold water and don’t feel like going swimming, here are the five best ways to see the lake…from the lake.

5. M.S. Dixie II

Take a ride across the lake from Zephyr Cove to Emerald Bay on this authentic paddlewheeler. Lunch or dinner tickets can be purchased or you can just spend you entire time outdoors on the top or front deck. The Dixie Queen sets out across the lake all year long.

4. Woodwind II

The Woodwind II sailing catamaran also sails from Zephyr Cove during the summer. Weddings, special events or just dinner can be had on this romantic sailing vessel. I recommend the sunset cruises.

3. Kayak

To gain access to the nooks and crannies and tiny private beaches along Tahoe’s East shore, rent a kayak or two and paddle along the rocks, cliffs and beaches. You can rent from Tahoe Paddle and Oar at King’s Beach. Bring a picnic and stash it in one of the kayak compartments.

2. The Sierra Cloud Catamaran

The Hyatt Lake Tahoe in North Lake Tahoe owns a sailing catamaran that can be rented out for a large party or you can just let them know that you would like a cruise the next time they go out. The boat only sails during the summer months.

1. Parasail

As a local, I personally think on of the best views I have ever seen of my lake is from a parasail. It may sound touristy, but a morning boat ride and then a flight 100 feet over the clear, blue water will move even the most jaded traveler.

Photo courtesy of [markcbrennan/Flickr]

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