Two Wheeled Ways to Tour the Lake

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Lake Tahoe doesn’t have any major highways or freeways around its perimeter. It is surrounded by a two lane road that forces drivers to slow down and hopefully enjoy the ride. An even better way to enjoy the view and fresh air is to experience the lake on two wheels: on a bike, mountain bike, scooter or motorcycle.

As a rider rather than a driver, you have several more options available to you besides the road for around the lake tours and fun. These options include quiet secluded neighborhoods, bike and pedestrian only trails, dirt paths and backcountry roads. Here are just a few of the best ways to visit the lake on the back of a bike.


Biking on the roads around the lake takes some skill to avoid traffic and narrow roadways. But several off-road trails are available for bicycles and pedestrians only including the bike path from Alpine Meadows through Tahoe City into South Lake Tahoe.

You can rent bikes in several areas of the lake including Lakeview Sports and Bike Rentals at Lake Tahoe in South Shore.

Mountain Bike

Boy, does Tahoe have mountains. And where there are mountains, there are mountain bike trails. Every area of the lake has mountain bike trails for all levels. The most popular being the Marlette Lake Trail and the Tahoe Rim Trail. Several ski resorts such as Northstar-at-Tahoe and Squaw Valley open up their ski lifts in the summer and fall to get bikers up to the top of the mountain for a downhill rush. This summer, Northstar will also be presenting the annual Tour de Nez bicycle race if you need a break from riding a bike.

Rent your bike from Cyclepaths in Truckee.

Motorcycle and Scooter

Summer and fall see an influx of motorcycles to the Tahoe area, bikers can’t seem to get enough of the sunshine and clean mountain air filled with the sound of puttering engines. September is the start of Street Vibrations, the biggest Harley Davidson rally in the area.

If you go for a smaller engine, rent or bring your scooter to the lake, like the Royal Bastards Scooter Club did in 2009. Now, that’s two-wheeling in style.

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