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The Lake Tahoe and Reno areas are surprisingly health-conscious. Nearly every local participates in several different outdoor sports, and for 2010 the area was ranked one of the top 25 places to live by Men’s Journal magazine because of its easy access to outdoor sports. In 2009, a poll by Gallup ranked Reno/Sparks/Tahoe the 6th fittest city in the U.S.

So how do the Reno/Tahoe locals stay so fit and healthy? Healthy snack choices may be part of it. Probably the most popular grocery store in the entire area is Whole Foods, a natural and organic shopping mecca. Just walking into this place is a sensory experience.

So what would you want to pick up from Whole Foods to stick in your backpack for hitting the trails, or into your picnic basket for hitting the beach? Variety is the key:


Organic and tasty versions of the natural chip have cropped up in the snack case lately. The newest flavors are a color explosion of carrots, blue potatoes, yams, taro root and beets.

Olives & Cheese

No visitor to the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival should visit Sand Harbor without some high quality Greek or Italian olives and some excellent cheese like parmesan.


Do it yourself good old raisins and peanuts has evolved into a smorgasbord of choices from roasted pumpkin seeds and white chocolate chips to cinnamon granola and dried pineapple. This is enough to keep you hiking those mountain trails until dinnertime.

Energy Bars

To keep hitting the slopes or the mountain bike trails, keep several energy bars in your waist pack or backpack. They don’t melt and are easy to share.

The Latin Flavor

Any summer BBQ after a day on the water or on the trails never seems to be complete in this area without chips and salsa. Parts of this area are heavy in Latin influence and we are thankful for it.

A Cool One

Beer is the staff of life in our area. Classic Pabst Blue Ribbon or PBR is the beer of choice among the Burning Man crowd and a pale ale or other summer brew from Sierra Nevada Brewery in nearby Chico, Calif. is very popular with visitors.

A fresh and sweet dessert is also very popular and for many Reno/Tahoe folks, the choice is fresh fruit from either the store or the local farmer’s markets.

Photos by: Christina Nellemann, Lake Tahoe Local Expert

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