Lake Tahoe Polar Bear Swim [Video]

Events — By christinanellemann on March 11, 2011 at 7:45 am

One of the most popular events of the North Lake Tahoe Snowfest! is the Polar Bear Swim. This year it was held at Gar Woods Grill and Pier and attracted over 200 people. About 16 women and 28 men competed in the swim.

The air temperature was about 39 degrees Fahrenheit and partly cloudy and the water temperature was about 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Rescue crews dressed in drysuits were available on jet skis and boats and had to help some of the swimmers out of the water. A few of the competitors wore wetsuits and were appropriately booed by the crowds on the beach and the pier.


Photo Courtesy of [Wikimedia Commons]

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