Lake Tahoe Sushi Spots

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All you can eat sushi has become a popular mainstay in the Reno and Lake Tahoe area. In fact, I’ve even run into visitors from the Bay Area who come up to the lake or to Reno just to get AYCE sushi at pretty reasonable prices. Some restaurants in the Tahoe area serve AYCE sushi with all the fixings, but some do not. Here is a run-down of the sushi places around town and what they do serve.


Yoshimi Sushi

One of the most popular sushi places at the lake, Yoshimi Sushi is located in the Christmas Tree Village in Incline Village. They get pretty busy on Friday and Saturday nights. The AYCE dinner will cost about $30 per person for drinks, sushi and some miso soup or salad. AYCE lunch is about $18 per person. They serve the typical rolls and Nigiri with a few vegetarian options thrown in. The service is quick and the restaurant is family-owned.



Mamasake is located in Squaw Valley and specializes in new-style sushi and other fish dishes. This restaurants attempts to bring in fresh, sustainable and organic items whenever possible. They offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free items as well. Considered Cal-Asian the sashimi, Maki rolls and Nigiri have a hint of Italian and Latin American flavors. They do not serve AYCE.



The only sushi restaurant in South Lake Tahoe to serve AYCE, this unassuming place serves up really good sushi for about $24 per person for dinner. They have some unusual rolls like the Devil in a Red Dress and the Mt. Tallac roll. They have a nice selection of Nigiri and Hand Rolls as well. Order the AYCE at the sushi bar.

Off the Hook

A local’s hangout that is popular for the happy hour, but does not serve AYCE. The rolls each run about $7 and the Nigiri about $5 a serving. The restaurant dishes up the basics like the Dragon, Spider and Caterpillar rolls but they also have a large selection of appetizers like Coconut Prawns, Killer Squid, Tempura and Soft Shell Crab. Their very large selection of saki is praised by both locals and visitors.

Naked Fish

Driving over 200 miles just for fresh fish, the Naked Fish in South Lake Tahoe serves quality items in a chic atmosphere. You may have to wait for a table, but the crowds, the fish tank and the chefs will keep you occupied. The rolls are creative with names like the South Shore Roll with tempura shrimp, eel, cucumber and avocado, the Maui Wowwie Roll with softshell crab, avocado and tuna and the Killer Green Roll on a Soy Paper handroll. Naked Fish does not serve AYCE.


One of the oldest and most popular sushi places in South Lake Tahoe, Samurai also does not serve AYCE. They do have a great happy hour where you can get $3.50 hand rolls and $5 appetizers as well as some lunch and dinner specials. Along with their basic sushi menu they serve up udon and soba noodles, tempura and teriyaki dinners, appetizers and a nice selection of desserts and shochu cocktails which include tropical fruits, juices and sake. If you want a little touch of Japan, you can reserve their Tatami Room for a private party.


Located in the Heavenly Village, this chic and stylish restaurant not only serves up sushi, but other dishes from the Pacific Rim like Blackened Ahi Sandwichs and Mahimahi Fish and Chips. Their sushi is not AYCE, but you can get dishes with assorted pieces of sushi and sashimi. They serve a nice selection of rolls including the Big Island Roll, and the Kalani’s Roll with shrimp, unagi, crab, avocado, masago and sweet sauce.


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