Earth Hour in Las Vegas

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On Saturday, March 27, Las Vegas will join cities around the world in honoring Earth Hour. Between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. PST, all the hotels on the Strip and Downtown, along with hotels off the Strip, will dim or turn off their exterior lights for the hour.

Las Vegas rarely turns off its signature lights. A darkened Strip is a rare sight, and visitors who are in town on Saturday have the opportunity to see this unusual event. Places high above the city will give the best vantage points. On the Strip, the best way to get a birds-eye view of a non-neon Las Vegas will be at places like the Stratosphere, ghostbar, the Voodoo Lounge, and Mix. If you’d rather stay at ground level, take a walk down the Strip or along Fremont Steet to see the city without her lights on.

This is the second year Las Vegas will participate in Earth Hour. The World Wildlife Fund created the event three years ago to draw attention to climate change, and this year they anticipate 3,100 cities in 121 countries will go dark in this symbolic act–not to mention the millions of individuals who participate.

If you plan on being in Las Vegas this Saturday, you have a extraordinary opportunity to see a city known for its decadent light displays flip the switch to “off” for an hour. This time, the stars you see might actually be the ones in the sky instead of the ones playing poker.

Photo of the Strip courtesy of http2007

Photo of the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign, darkened for the 2009 Earth Hour, courtesy of Sarah Nichols

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