Photo Friday in Las Vegas: Fremont Street

Nightlife, Things to Do — By thmeeks on April 30, 2010 at 7:02 pm

Downtown Las Vegas is more than the last vestiges of Old Vegas. It’s a great place to stay if you’re on a budget, the hotels haven’t been super-sized, and photographers will find endless subjects for their pictures. That’s why this Downtown Las Vegas picture is today’s pick for Photo Friday. This picture is of East Fremont Street, an area of Downtown that’s been working hard to bring in lounges, musicians, and a sophisticated (but slightly gritty) urban atmosphere.

All along Fremont Street, you’ll find signs from the Neon Museum — Aladdin’s old lamp and the Hacienda’s vaquero, for instance, along with a host of other retired neon signs. Live entertainment (often free) is offered on some nights on the stages set up along the FSE (Fremont Street Experience, the official name of the area covered with the overhead canopy that transforms into a light show several times each night). If you’re wandering around the FSE, you don’t have to go inside a casino for a drink. Bars are set up outside, complete with bartenders flipping and tossing the bottles, just like you see in the movies. And if you do decide to go inside one of the Downtown hotels, you’ll find low-limits tables and machines, and reasonably priced food. There’s no shortage of bars, of course, but if you want a great view of the FSE light show, check out the second-story Vue Bar at Fitzgerald‘s, which has a balcony that overlooks Fremont Street.


Downtown photo courtesy of Chris Ainsworth

Photo of Fremont East sign courtesy of Terrisa Meeks

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