Las Vegas Supermarkets: Everything You Need And More

Food — By thmeeks on July 8, 2010 at 9:06 pm

If you’re heading away from the Las Vegas Strip for a day of exploration in Southern Nevada, a stop at the grocery store makes sense. You’ve got to eat while you’re out and about, and the grocery store gives you a large, reasonably-priced selection of food. You’ll find major supermarket chains throughout the Las Vegas Valley–Vons, Albertsons, Smith’s, and a few Whole Foods and Trader Joes—but not many of the small corner markets common in many other cities.

Southern Nevada does not have a signature local cuisine or food, unless you’re counting ready-to-eat meals. Las Vegas and her residents like convenience, which means that almost every corner has a store or gas station (or both). The majority of supermarkets are open 24/7 and are stocked with lots of grab-and-go food. Most Las Vegas markets have an entire department devoted to easy eats: Sandwiches, roll-ups, fried or roasted chicken, salads, and even sushi. The grocery is also the place to find the best selection of healthy snacks like fruits and veggies. In the produce department, look for ready-to-eat containers of carrots, celery, and other snackables. To keep your food from spoiling in the Las Vegas heat, pick up a small cooler while you’re at the store. Your ham and cheese sub will not survive if you leave it sitting on the back seat.

Of course, you can skip the cooler if you’d rather have American Road Trip Food (aka junk food). A bag of chips can survive the sweltering Las Vegas temperatures without spoiling, and some folks can make an entire meal out of sunflower seeds, beef jerky, and energy drinks. Convenience stores can fulfill your need for salty, sugary, fatty foods, but the supermarket offers a better selection and lower prices.  Look for beef jerky not only in the grocery and convenience stores but also at road-side stands. Just be sure to stock up on water because all that salt will make you thirsty.

If you love chocolate, however, beware—either eat it immediately or keep it cool because the Las Vegas heat will melt it.

Photo of produce courtesy of Rick Audet

Photo of sandwich courtesy of Craig Dugas

Photo of snacks courtesy of Jennifer Woodard Maderazo

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