Photo Friday in Las Vegas: Traffic on the Strip

Travel Tips — By thmeeks on August 27, 2010 at 10:06 pm

Traffic congestion is like a backhanded compliment: All those cars means people really like a destination–but clogged roadways give visitors a headache. Cities around the world have this problem, but at least in Las Vegas, you have entertainment while you’re creeping along. If you’re sight-seeing and get stuck in front of the Mirage while the volcano is erupting, who cares? But if you’re trying to get somewhere on time, and you’re in front of the Bellagio when the fountains start dancing… you’re unlikely to appreciate their choreography. Today’s Photo Friday shot captures both the lights of the Strip, and the lights of the traffic–which look artful and pretty in this picture.

If the thought of driving amid crazed taxi drivers and bumper-to-bumper vehicles sends you in search of the nearest cocktail lounge, you may want to consider an alternate method of transportation. The physically fit can walk–after all, the Strip is only five miles, although that doesn’t count detours along the way. Las Vegas’ bus system runs up and down the entire length of Las Vegas Boulevard, from Downtown to past the Mandalay Bay, although it’s not the speediest form of transportation. The Las Vegas Monorail, east of the Strip, is faster, but the stations are at the back of the casinos, so it’s a long walk to the Strip. A free tram runs between the Mandalay Bay, the Luxor, and the Excalibur; there’s also one between the Mirage and TI. Just remember that in Las Vegas, the word “free” really means “please stop in the casino.”


Photo Friday picture of traffic’s lights courtesy of Daniel Knott

Photo of traffic at intersection courtesy of Joanna8555

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