Photo Friday in Las Vegas: Tao Restaurant/Nightclub/Pool

Food, Nightlife — By thmeeks on September 11, 2010 at 1:28 am

Tao at the Venetian has a split personality: it’s a restaurant, a nightclub, and pool club. In addition, it’s probably got more Buddhas per square foot than any other Las Vegas hot spot. Tao Beach has cabanas (plasma screens, gaming consoles, WiFi and a min-bar), masseuses, food, and music. Tao Asian Bistro gets a steady stream of celebrities to give you first-class people watching to go with your food. According the its menu, Tao offers Hong Kong Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisine. Be prepared to stand in line for Tao Nightclub, where you can dance on two dance floors and watch women dancing in tubs of flower petals. Check ahead to see which celebrity DJ–or celebrity–may be there on the night you plan to dance all night. On October 15, for instance, Kim Kardashian will celebrate her birthday party at Tao.


Photo Friday shot of Tao Buddha courtesy of Ian L

Photo of Tao Beach courtesy of Barry Stahl

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