Mobsters and the JFK Conspiracy

What's New — By thmeeks on October 1, 2010 at 12:18 am

Organized crime returns to Las Vegas in December 2010, when the Tropicana’s Mob Experience attraction opens. This is the Mob’s story told by their families, displaying personal items donated from families like the Giancanas, Lanskys, Siegels (you’ve probably heard of “Bugsy”), and Spilotros (Tony Spilotro’s fictionalized story was in the movie “Casino”). In addition to all those mobster-related photographs, journals, and guns, one recent donation is a video that may shed light (or at least inspire debate) on the Mob’s alleged involvement with the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

In August, Las Vegas Review Journal columnist Norm Clarke reported that the attraction had a video tape of a unnamed dying 96-year-old mobster telling his family he knew details about the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963.

Information about the newly acquired video is vague, but the attraction will also display another piece of circumstantial evidence for the conspiracy theorists to ponder: Meyer Lansky’s address book–which lists Jack Ruby’s name. (Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald, Kennedy’s assassin.) Although the official report on President Kennedy’s assassination found no connection to the Mob, speculation about Mafia involvement lives on–an idea that may get some new attention in December.


The Tropicana’s Mob Experience is one of two Mafia-related attractions opening in Las Vegas. The Mob Museum in downtown Las Vegas is set to open in 2011.

Photo of Mob Experience families courtesy of Sarah Nichols

Photo of Tropicana Las Vegas courtesy of David Herrera

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