Vacation Like a God at Caesars Palace

Hotels — By Sarah Sekula on November 2, 2010 at 8:47 pm

Photo courtesy of Harrah's Entertainment.

Caesars Palace was once a boxing hot spot. The “Home of Champions” hosted more than 160 boxing contests over a two-decade span featuring famed fighters like Muhammad Ali.

These days the competitive prizefighting has faded away (unless you count a summer taping of Shaq vs. Shane Mosley). But its celebrity sightings have not. Today, Caesars attracts glitterati like Tori Spelling and Ja Rule. Oh, and President Barack Obama is no stranger to the lavish hotel, either. He’s stayed at Forum Tower in the past. Which is where I recently stayed in a swanky two-bedroom Royal Suite. Let me sum it up by saying wow, followed by another resounding wow.

First of all, at 1,400 square feet, the two-bedroom suite (starting at $400 a night) was nearly as big as my house. So, of course, there was plenty of room for the 8-person table, wraparound couch and plasma screen. Behind the couch there’s a long row of windows providing insane views of the Strip. But my favorite thing had to be the spacious walk-in closet (you know, for those people who bring their entire wardrobes along). And another fun feature, the mini LCD TV installed in the bathroom mirror. Plenty of channels to browse through while enjoying the garden tub jacuzzi.

Photo courtesy of Harrah's Entertainment.

I made sure to dawdle around in a sloth-like state outside of the room, too. And I had eight pools to choose from. Garden of the Gods grew this summer – big time. Caesars completed the expansion of its pool oasis in March going from three pools to eight. That means there are 5 acres of swimmable, lounge-worthy, just plain luxurious property at your disposal.

Starting at $150 a day, the super luxe cabanas are worth every penny, especially if you don’t want to worship the sun for the entire day. It comes stocked with beverages, a complimentary fruit platter, lounge chairs, dining table, plasma screen, DVD player, WiFi, ceiling fans and plush furniture. Plus, there’s an attentive cabana server who will apply sunscreen for you (for a $40 fee).

Several amenities are also available by the pool area, including massage, two whirlpools, the Neptune Bar, and, my favorite, Snackus Maximus. Even if you aren’t staying at Caesars on your next Vegas trip, add Garden of the Gods to the agenda. From Thursday – Sunday there is a $20 entry fee for men. Women can stroll in for free.

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Caesars Palace
3570 Las Vegas Blvd. S, Center Strip, Las Vegas, NV, 89109
702-731-7110; 877-427-7243

**Note: The pools are closed right now. They will open again in March 2011.

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