Around Las Vegas: Three Great Places to See Desert Bighorn Sheep

Things to Do — By thmeeks on November 19, 2010 at 1:55 am

As you might imagine from its name, the Desert Bighorn Sheep is easy to recognize by virtue of its impressive horns. Desert Bighorns are smaller than their cousins, the Rocky Bighorns, but the males can still weigh up to 180 pounds. These large but incredibly agile animals clamber over the rockiest and roughest terrain–and they somehow manage to make it look easy.

If you’d like a chance to see and photograph Bighorns, take a short drive out of Las Vegas to one of these places:

1.         Hemenway Park in Boulder City (401 Ville Drive) is the easiest place to see a herd of Desert Bighorns. This herd has been there for years, and if they aren’t eating the grass in the park, they’re hanging out nearby on someone’s lawn.

2.         Valley of Fire State Park is Nevada’s first and oldest state park, and also a great place to get up close to a Bighorn. Remember to give them plenty of space–they’ve got horns and teeth.

3.         Red Rock Canyon, just west of Las Vegas, is a good place to see all types of wildlife, including Bighorns, who are attracted to springs throughout the area.


Photographs courtesy of Terrisa Meeks

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