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The selection of hamburger restaurants in Las Vegas continues to grow and includes newcomer Smashburger. This modest-sized chain of burger-centric restaurants specializes in premium hamburgers and unusual menu items. Just as the name implies, the burgers are smashed on a very hot grill. They’re made from fresh Angus beef that comes in 1/3 pound or 1/2 pound patties. Their Smashfries have a hint of rosemary (sounds odd, but tastes great), and they offer sweet potato Smashfries. If you don’t like potatoes of any kind, you can try their fried pickles.

Every Smashburger city has its own one-of-a-kind burger. Las Vegas has the Sin City Smashburger, which comes with a fried egg, bacon, cheese, and onions. You may want to split this burger with a friend–it’s sinfully good, but it is a whole lot of food.

Smashburger is a step above fast food. Customers order at a counter but a waiter brings your food and drinks to the table; beer and wine are also available. In addition to burgers, you can have Smashchicken or Smashdogs, but the burgers are definitely the draw here.

I’m definitely a burger person, so I stick to their burgers–although I make sure that I’m very, very hungry before a visit to Smashburger. Even the smaller sized burger is almost too big for me to finish. I’ve never been brave enough to try their Las Vegas Sin City burger (something about an egg on a burger just sounds wrong to me), but I watched one of my friends devour one and pronounce it the best burger he’d ever had. Smashburgers are some of the better restaurant burgers I’ve eaten–not fast food and not on-the-Strip gourmet, but a big, tasty hamburger that fills you up. Smashburger’s locations in Las Vegas are off the Strip, so if you think that whole egg-on-a-burger thing sounds good, you’ll have to leave the tourist corridor. Their locations in west Las Vegas are close to Red Rock Canyon, which seems appropriate since a good hike would work up the appetite necessary for their burger sizes.

Smashburger has four locations in Las Vegas. Their closest location to the Strip is across from UNLV at 4725 S. Maryland Parkway. Smashburger has two locations in the western portion of the Las Vegas Valley, one at Lake Mead and Buffalo (7541 W. Lake Mead Blvd.), and one at Ft. Apache and Sahara (9101 W. Sahara). In the far northwest, Smashburger is at Centennial and Ann (5655 Centennial Center Blvd.).


Photo of lone Smashburger courtesy of Celeste Lindell

Photo of Smashburger tray courtesy of Dyanna

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  • Uthnkso says:

    OK, I like new places but should have known that if it close to UNLV it caters to College Students. Two of my children (in their 20’s) along with my wife and a newborn granddaughter checked this place out on a Monday morning around 10 am, they open at 10 am. I decided on the Buffalo burger, regular fries, and a Vanilla Milkshake, my wife ordered the Classic with Haystack Fries, (which are shoestring type onion rings), my son-in law ordered the “Sin City”, with a root beer float (Hagen-das ice cream), my daughter got a Classic with Smash fries, and root beer float. The total for this visit $47.97. I check out the facilities before eating to just wash my hands and get an over view of everything. The restroom was very dirty, especially the corners and the walls, I won’t describe it was just bad. They do have a sign indicating they want to be notified if the restrooms are dirty, but who are you really going to tell with one person talking orders, a line of people in front of her and no one else within eye sight. I liked everything I ordered, the fires are salted with sea salt, I should have asked for no salt. They were very salty; my wife didn’t care for the grilled onion on her burger and the Haystack fries tasted like a squirt of grease with every bite. My son in- law loved every bite; my daughter said she loved it all, but I tasted her Smash fries and I didn’t care for the herbs and spray of olive oil on them. Our granddaughter sleeps through it all, YES. They offer fry sauce, it has a horsey radish taste to it, not for me. Basically, my wife and didn’t care for this new restaurant and our children loved it. For the money I could think of a lot of other places to eat lunch.

  • Terrisa says:

    Have not been to the Smashburger over by UNLV–sounds like they have a few issues! We’ve got so many burger specialty places in Vegas these days, though, that there’s plenty of other places to try if you don’t care for Smashburger. The LV Sun just published a round-up of several Vegas burger places:
    And they noted that the debate over “best burger” is very actively going on.

    One place I didn’t see mentioned in their roundup, but which has a loyal following, is Steak ‘n Shake, which comes to us from the Midwest and is at South Point. It’s one I’ve wanted to try, but haven’t made it there yet.

    Uthnkso, thanks for commenting & sorry to hear that your experience with Smashburger was disappointing.


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