Oktoberfest in Las Vegas

Events — By thmeeks on August 31, 2011 at 12:24 am

Beer GlassOktoberfest in Las Vegas? How can you have a German beer festival in the Mojave Desert? Las Vegas simply hasn’t met a holiday it doesn’t like—and bonus points for any celebration that centers itself around drinking beer (or drinking at all, honestly).  While not celebrated as widely or on as large a scale as St. Patrick’s Day, you will still find a few places to enjoy some beer and German food during Oktoberfest, September 17 through October 31.

  • Hofbrauhaus is a German restaurant that keeps the spirit of Oktoberfest going no matter what the time of year. It’s considered one of Las Vegas’s truly authentic German restaurants. They’re kicking off the holiday on September 17 with a celebrity keg tapping, which they’ll continue every weekend until October 31. Expect live music and authentic imported German beers.
  • The Golden Nugget’s first Fall Beer Festival was such as success that they’re doing it again. The Second Annual Beer Festival is October 14 and 15 and features 300 craft brews and a Miss Oktoberfest contest.
  • Big Dog’s Brewery, a Las Vegas microbrewery, will host Dogtober Beer Fest on September 24. This is more of a Wisconsin-style celebration than an authentic German-style fest. Big Dog’s is a local’s place that’s off the beaten path for visitors, but if you’re a real beer lover, it just might be worth the trip.


Photo courtesy of Tim Pearce

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