What to Pack For a Winter Holiday in Las Vegas

Travel Tips — By thmeeks on October 30, 2011 at 10:38 pm

When you’re packing for a winter holiday in Las Vegas, it’s okay to leave the heavy-duty coats and snow gear at home. One of the best things about winter in the desert is the mild, sunny weather. It may be blazingly hot in Las Vegas in summer, but in winter we rarely have to deal with snow.

Here are some things to keep in mind while you’re packing for your wintertime Vegas vacation:

  • Average high temperatures in winter hover around 60F and dip close to freezing at night, so while the weather is pleasant, you’ll still want to bring sweaters and jackets. Layers are your best bet for the most comfort.
  • Las Vegas may not have much snow, but what it does have is wind—and in winter the wind picks up some serious bite off the snow in the surrounding mountains. A hat, gloves or mittens, chapstick, and something to corral long hair is a good idea.
  • The infamous “Monsoon Season” may happen in the summer, but it’s not unusual to have rain in January or February. A light-duty umbrella will work fine (unless the wind grabs it).
  • Leave your swimsuit at home. While the winter weather in Las Vegas is mild and sunny, it’s not warm enough to go swimming. You’ll see some hardy souls wearing shorts and short-sleeve shirts, but most people need a little more clothing to stay comfortable.


Photo of snow in Red Rock Canyon, west of Las Vegas, courtesy of Doc Searls

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