Five Places to Pop the Question in Las Vegas

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Planning on proposing to that special someone while you’re in Las Vegas? This is the perfect city for all things related to marriage. Vegas has some very romantic places to pop that big question—and a lot of wedding chapels so you can make it official in case you’re worried they might change their mind.

If you choose a public place to propose, be prepared to attract some attention, especially if you actually get down on one knee. And remember that sunset is a particularly beautiful and romantic time of day, perfect for asking someone to spend their life with you.

1. Bellagio Fountains

For romance at a cinematic level, how can you beat the dancing waters of the Bellagio Fountains? Do a little scouting before hand to find the perfect spot. Every show attracts a crowd, but if you’d like to minimize the number of people around you, pick a day during the week for the big moment. Another thing to keep in mind is the music that will accompany your proposal; the Bellagio has a play list of all the possible songs you might hear during a fountain show, although unfortunately you never know which of those songs might accompany any given show.

2. Eiffel Tower at Paris

It’s a faux little bit of Paris, it’s a mini-Eiffel Tower, it’s virtually screaming “Romance!” If you’re planning a proposal, you have two options at the Las Vegas Eiffel Tower. You can take the ride to the observation deck to ask the question, or you can make reservations at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant and go all out with a special meal. The restaurant also offers a proposal package that includes roses and champagne.

4. Top of Stratosphere

If you’re looking for the most spectacularly high view in Las Vegas, take your (hopefully) future spouse to the top of the Stratosphere tower. For daring couples, a thrill ride might be a fun way to memorialize your engagement—after all, those daring rides that dangle you off the side of the tower or shoot you into the air could be considered an apt metaphor for marriage.

5. Venetian Gondola

Being an imitation Venice makes the Venetian immensely romantic, and nothing oozes romance like a gondola ride. The gondolier even sings. Let’s face it: a Las Vegas gondola ride does not require a plane ticket to Europe, and if you save some money on the proposal part of the marriage, that leaves more cash for the honeymoon… perhaps to the real Venice?

3. Red Rock Overlook

West of Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon National Recreation Area offers couples a beautiful natural setting for a proposal. While you can certainly pay the entrance fee and drive into the NRA to find that special spot, you can also drive past the fee station to the Red Rock Overlook, which is about two miles south of the official entrance. A short trail leads from the parking lot to a point overlooking the Calico Hills in the distance. This is a good place to enjoy some privacy while you ask your beloved to say “I do” with you.

If you’re thinking of proposing on a truly memorable date, keep in mind that November 11 is right around the corner: 11-11-11–but be forewarned that if you select this day, you will never be allowed to forget the date.


Photos courtesy of inazakira and Jim G at flickr

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