Become a Part of the Performance: The Living Arts Festival in Nyon

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Chateau de Nyon on Lake Geneva: image courtesy of the Ville de

“ECOUTER VOIR” (Listen and Look) is the 2010 theme of the annual Festival of the Living Arts in the charming town of Nyon located on the shores of Lake Geneva (Lac Leman). This is a confirmed favorite on the festival circuit for many a lover of the arts. Several thousand living arts festival visitors will arrive in this delightful town which surrounds its historical chateau which is only 25-30 minutes by direct Swiss Rail from Lausanne and 15 minutes also by train from Geneva. Various venues around Nyon from August 11-21,2010 will be offering a stimulating as well as provocative (of course) creative arts program this year combining theatre, dance, visual arts and multi-disciplinary productions by artists (and many including you the participant) from Switzerland and abroad.

Help Define a Swiss Chalet with Young Soon Cho Jaquet: image courtesy of

Organized and operated by volunteers, the “Festival des arts vivants” will touch you with contemporary dance (“tres avant garde”!), experimental theatre and other stage “creations”, large artistic installations of various media in which we can physically engage and discover a meaningful sensory experience that many of us systematically ignore most days. Various degrees of audience participation is essential in creating one-of-a-kind performances in many of the living arts productions with impromptu and choreographedexperiences on stage, in the plazas and in nature such as in a nearby forest (none of this requires advance French lessons!).

Marquis artists and creators this year will include Young Soon Cho Jaquet, Laura Kalauy & Martin Schick, Carre Rouge Cie, Trickster Teatro, Elodie Pong/Gabi Deutsch/Michael Hiltrunner, GRAND MAGASIN, Philippe Quesne /Vivarium Studio, Mette Edvardsen, Stephanie ‘n’ Duhirahe, Christophe Jaquet, Sebastien Grosset and many more. See the detailed Living Arts Festival program (mostly photos and performance dates so don’t worry about the French you can’t understand).

Highlight performances to watch for this year  include “CHALET ET YODEL” held free outside at Place St. Martin by helvetico-Korean, Young Soon Cho Jaquet who along with the spectators, will be composing (and taking down and re-composing) the collective visual concept of a Swiss Chalet. This audience-artist choreographed production which will explore and express perceptions of the Swiss culture, is taken to another level by the participation of Swiss yodelers. Yodeling is a folkloric singing technique that was developed in the Swiss Alps in order to communicate long distances (Alp to Alp!).

GRAND MAGASIN Dealing with the Problem of Noise: image courtesy of

Three ingenuous artists from the GRAND MAGASIN will use fantasy to help us express our deep desires to communicate in an environment that is overwhelming us with noise. Their piece is called “LES DEPLACEMENTS DU PROBLEME” (skirting the issue!).Accompanied by a float of instruments and assisted by a sound engineer, this happy, well-meaning group will try to solve our communication problems. This may

Reinterpreting the Theory of Evolution by PHILIPPE QUESNE / VIVARIUM STUDIO: image courtesy of

prove to be more challenging that they will have us believe in the opening of the performance.

Philippe Quesne presents a study of a microcosm of individuals from the human race through imagination, music, poesy, and critical analysis. This on-stage accelerated reinterpretation of the theory of evolution of humans, our history, our daily lives and our major events is called THE BIG BANG.

A Strange Universe Awaits You in a Contemporary Dance by cienuna Company: image courtesy of

Choreographer Young Soon Cho Jaquet,  chorographer and artist will welcome you in “ROMANESCO, a creation” to a universe out of the ordinary concerning the notions of ritual, myth, origins and memory that contrast with  our everyday reality. The artist expresses disorder as well as harmony in the human race to represent our darkest darkness and our lightest light.

The finale of the Living Arts Festival will be held at the “l’usine de gaz” (an old gas factory venue) with VAGALATSCHK from the Balkans, who will DJ the rest of the evening (no entrance fee). There will definitely be audience participation in the living arts at this last one!

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