What is The Swiss Spoon? Made of Chocolate, Of Course!

Food — By Sonja Holverson on September 30, 2010 at 2:56 pm

Yes, it’s called The Swiss Swoon (“La Cuillère Suisse”) and consists of a wooden stick topped with a chocolate lollypop of 30 grams of handmade Swiss chocolate made from beans of organic origin. This brings the term “spoon fed” to a new level. So, is that it? Oh, no. There’s much more. You dip the Swiss Spoon in hot milk and you are instantly reliving your childhood at Grandma’s kitchen table with a cup of comforting (non-instant powder) old-fashioned hot chocolate that you thought you would never taste again. Well, actually, this hot chocolate is better. No offense, Grandma, but this is Switzerland and we both grew up in the US.

La Cuillère Suisse: image courtesy of lacuilleresuisse.ch

What’s even better about this clever rather fashionable way of enjoying hot Swiss chocolate is that is pure organic chocolate. The Swiss Spoon has no emulsifiers, conservatives, artificial coloring or flavorings. The ingredients included the finest quality, bio-certified organically grown cocao beans rendering the product healthy (and delicious!!). Did you know that chocolate is in the food group list issued by the Red Cross as having the highest concentration of iron? Think about that all you vegetarians and anemic people. It’s good for you.

Furthermore, the company adheres to the rules of equitable trade so you don’t have to feel guilty about your chocolate indulgences. Even the wrappers are recyclable and come in a variety of colors from flashy pink to wild green and are tied with a very elegant recyclable ribbon. But, yes, there is more. Each Swiss Spoon has a colorful label printed with famous quotes about chocolate and nutrition.

The creator of “La Cuillère Suisse” is Barbara Delsaux, originally from Genoa, Italy but who has lived in Belguim as well as Asia. Barbara has a very open attitude to life an entrepreneula spirit and strong joie de vivre. She is partnering her enterprise with the very multi-cultural Valériane Tinguely (Swiss, French and Vietnamese) and they are developing a limited production being handmade in the atelier of the Durig Chocolatier in Lausanne on the avenue d’Ouchy (downhill from the center of Lausanne; you can walk back up after eating or drinking the chocolate). Taking over “la confiserie-chocolaterie” from his father Dan Durig, known as the composer of cacao, shares similar values with Barbara and Valériane and has been making artisanal organic chocolate treasures since 1998 in Lausanne.

Once demand and production increase, they all are hoping to lower their prices which currently run about $5.50 per spoon retail and $3.80 for bulk orders.

Future plans include a darker version (even higher on the iron rich food concentration list). It’s my favorite and I can’t wait! However, that’s not all (again)! Besides drinking and savoring this unique authentic cacao “brew”, there are other things that can be done with The Swiss Spoon and artist Franck Bouroullec can show you what. Just click on the “view video” upper right of their website.

La Cuillère Suisse: image courtesy of lacuilleresuisse.ch

Contacts and stores in which to find « La Cuillére Suisse »:

Creators and developers


Barbara Delsaux

N. + 41(0)78 907 71 09

Valériane Tinguely

N. + 41(0)79 598 43 25




Galerie St François

1000 Lausanne


Avenue d’Ouchy 15

1000 Lausanne


Rue des Deux Marchés

1800 Vevey


Rue du Château 1

2000 Neuchâtel


Rue des Moulins 37

2000 Neuchâtel


Place du Port 17-19

1000 Lausanne

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