Just How “Crafty” are the Swiss?

Events, Things to Do, What's New — By Sonja Holverson on November 23, 2010 at 6:52 pm

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of  Creativa Lausanne 2010 at the Palais de Beaulieu (conference center) November 25-28, 2010 in Lausanne. You will discover some amazing artistic talent of the Swiss as well as some crafts persons from France and Belgium.

Over a 100 exhibitors will include art and decor boutiques; galleries; crafts, art and cultural associations; craft schools; crafts persons; artists; and publishers with their crafts and creation books.  All crafts imaginable will be there (it’s a conference center after all!). Many demonstrations will also be made by a great variety of experts. You’ll find jewelry making, pottery, quilting, embroidery, lace making,  scrapbook making, Swiss paper cutting (decoupage), basket work and cane work as well as baking (no, you won’t go hungry and there will be several restaurants!). Many items are for sale and it’s a great occasion for finding unique Holiday gifts and décor as well as just taking in the cultural experience of appreciating Swiss handicrafts.

Being the American that I am and descending from a long line of quilters,whie looking at the agenda my eyes went straight to “Association suisse du Patchwork patCHquilt” which is located in Geneva. The name of their organization is word play on CH which in Latin means Confoederatio Helvetica (CH) which is the country name and code for Switzerland. CH is what you see on the Swiss cars driving around Europe as opposed to F for France. Well, with 4 national languages, there needs to be one official name for the country. Otherwise there is Suisse (French), Svizzera (Italian), Svizra (Romanche, an ancient Latin language), and Schweiz  (German). Anyway let’s go back to Swiss patchwork quilting. This exhibition is going to be the real thing. You will see genuine Swiss traditional, fastidious, painstaking handiwork which is most rare to find now in these days of modern quilting trends.

Traditional Swiss Scherrenschnitt (decoupage) : image courtesy of villageantiques.ch

The guest of honor this year at Creativa Lausanne is an expert straw and cane worker from this region, Michel Québatte well known for his artistic creations in mixtures of cane and other natural fibers. This exhibition will be a retrospective of his work notably the combat helmets theme (in cooperation with the Department of Archeology of the University of Lausanne), the Canton of Vaud collection of his basketry, pus some creations done with ECAL (Canton Art School of Lausanne) as well as some of his personal creations.

Michel Québatte “Cannage“: image courtesy of  creavenue.com

Those crafty Swiss also are putting on a special exhibit called  “RecycingBahn” (bahn is German for train). For many years artisan Bruno Schwender built miniature trains strictly out of recycled materials to create an unusual display of the unexpected.

The association Nice Future which for 9 years has supported sustainable shopping and other environmental issues is offering an award this year at Creativa Lausanne for Ethical Jewelry made out of recyclable materials. Apparently there is going to be quite a lot of impressive works. So if you want to buy that loved lady something for the Holidays that no one else will have…

Numerous workshops are planned for creating all types of handiwork such as embroidery, purse making, jewelry, scrapbook making, knitting, pottery, and crocheting (I know some of you have never heard of that, but they still do it here). There’s even a special crafts workshop for kids.

Workshops on a variety of crafts: image courtesy of creavenue.com

Being a Swiss event there will always be some  music and other crafty forms of Swiss entertainment. A highlight will be a concert by the jazz group Viperswing who have been participating in this event for 10 years of its existence.

Can’t make it to Creativa Lausanne 2010? There’s always Creativa Lausanne 2011. Remember Autumn is a great time to be in Switzerland!

Viperswing: image courtesy of creavenue.com

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