Learning (or practicing) Spanish in Lima, Peru

Things to Do, Travel Tips, What's New — By Isabel Guerra on December 29, 2010 at 5:12 pm
Street vendor in Lima, Peru

Bargaining is a common practice (Photo: Isabel Guerra)

Visiting Lima, Peru can be a good way to practice your Spanish language skills, even if they are plain basic. We all know that being immersed in a culture is something that speeds up learning its language, so why not taking some advantage of this?

There are some institutes that offer Spanish courses for foreigners, but those takes months, and our guess is that you will stay in Lima only for a few days. So, here’s some advice so you can improve your Spanish on-the-go:

Go shopping! Even if you don’t buy. Take your dictionary and try to express in Spanish: the clerks will for sure help you with the names of their stuff. That means, acquiring some vocabulary

Live. You are in Lima to live the city and its surroundings, and not to stay inside a hotel. You may as well shop without any difficulty at any big supermarket, but if you want to practice your Spanish, try shopping at the bodeguitas de barrio, those little shops easy to find at the corners, or at public market stalls.

Make friends. We have told you: locals are friendly. Believe us. Be friendly to them and you will end up engaged in a nice conversation. That always helps when learning and practicing a language. And yes, with a little luck you may even make some true lifetime friends.

Remember: Speak OUT and speak UP!

And of course, as always, have fun!

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