Choosing healthy beaches in Lima

Things to Do, Travel Tips, What's New — By Isabel Guerra on January 3, 2011 at 6:42 pm
Lima beaches

Crowded Lima beaches (Photo: RPP Noticias)

Lima is a city that looks at the sea, thus it has some nice beaches. Anyway, it’s good to remember some things in order to have a real good time.

Peru’s Health Ministry constantly monitors the quality of the water and the sand, issuing weekly reports that are published regularly on its website (in Spanish, sorry) with the complete lists.

According to the latest study, released on  Dec. 30, 74.4% of Lima beaches are healthy and in good conditions,  while 21.8% are not in optimas conditions and 3,8% are definitely polluted.

Among the latter ones we can mention some Callao beaches like Márquez y Oquendo (en el Callao); some Costa Verde beaches like Caplina and La Herradura; and Mamacona, towards Lima south.

But there is another way to recognize those beaches listed as “healthy”; look for the blue flags. The Ministry will place blue flags on the healthy beaches, yellow flags on those less healthy and red ones on the polluted beaches, as part of the actions to be conducted by its campaign “Verano Saludable 2011” (Healthy Summer 2011).

The Mnistry also has a toll-free information hotline (in Spanish): 0800-10828.

Flags indicating the health conditions of Lima beaches (Photo: Health Ministry)

Flags indicating the health conditions of Lima beaches (Photo: Health Ministry)

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