Lima, Peru: Try the “Pollo a la brasa” (Peruvian roasted chicken)

Food, Things to Do, Travel Tips — By Isabel Guerra on May 18, 2011 at 4:35 pm
pollo brasa lima jose wolff peru

Pollo a la Brasa. (Photo: JoseWolff/Flickr)

With all the current boom of the Peruvian gastronomy, and with so many friends recommending you this or that place, you may suddenly find yourself a little confused. Or maybe you are a bit dazzled with the view of so many colorful foods and some completely new ingredients. Or maybe you are (still) undecided about trying the world-famous Peruvian ceviche because you are not sure if you will actually dare trying raw fish.

No worries: we have a safe and delicious suggestion to start with Peruvian food. Maybe our local gourmets and cheffs will rise an eyebrow, but we do think that flavors are what matters. And what can be more tasty and worldwide accepted than barbecued meals?

Peruvian roasted chicken is, basically, a fat chicken roasted on a spit, in a kind of coal oven, but spiced with some local ingredients that make it unique and unforgettable. We are sure you will not have one like this anywhere else, so trying it is a must.

chicken on a spit pollo brasa lima peru

Pollo A La Brasa freshly cooked. Photo: Isabel Guerra.

This Peruvian “Pollo A La Brasa” was first created in Lima towards mid 1950s, by a Swiss immigrant and his maid, who were experimenting with local ingredients. Although it was at first an expensive specialty only for the weekends and for wealthy families, nowadays it has become so popular that not only it is one of the country’s favorites (nine out of ten Peruvians mention it among its favorites) but also is currently included among the national flagship dishes, and is starting to conquer new gourmets around the world via franchise restaurants.

It comes accompanied by fries made with Peruvian’s “papa amarilla” (a gourmet native potato), mayonnaise, ketchup and many different local sauces (“huancaína”, “ocopa”, “ají Amarillo” and many others”, it will for sure make a delicious and suitable-for-everyone meal. Most of the “pollerías” (restaurants specialized in pollo a la brasa) will also offer a small salad as an additional garnish. Besides, it’s cheap even for local standards, so there’s no excuse for missing it.

Of course, use your eyes, your common sense and make sure to choose a good place. Just a few suggestions from us: Pardo’s ChickenLas Canastas, La Granja Azul, Norkys and Rokys.


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