Hot New Restaurants in Lima

Food, Nightlife — By Isabel Guerra on July 2, 2011 at 6:30 pm

Yes, Lima has significantly grown in recent years, and so have its gastronomic offerings. With so many restaurants opening each month, it is a little difficult to pick just a few “hot” suggestions. Keeping that fact in mind, we have chosen a handful of places, all relatively new, that offer up unique style, personality, and of course food.

If you want to go Peruvian, visit Kamcha or Lo Nuestro. Both specialized in very typical, traditional Peruvian food. While Kamcha could also be billed as a thematic restaurant due to its colors and decor, Lo Nuestro offers alternatives for traditional lunches and creole all-you-can-eat buffets, for those healthy appetites.

Lomo saltado, a typical Peruvian dish

Image: Powerplantop/Flickr

If you prefer fusion, then Rodrigo and Niqei are the spots for you. Rodrigo offers a delicious mix of Peruvian and Mediterranean flavors, while Niqei fuses Japanese and Peruvian cuisines in a luxury restaurant that, despite being a little more costly, will not break your budget.

As for seafood, all the restaurants in Lima will claim that they make the best ceviche; but if you want a truly new experience, take some time to go to La Molina district and eat at El Veridico de Fidel, with 77 specialties in Peruvian seafood to choose from, all served in generous portions, so you may want to share yours with someone else

More suggestions are to come soon. Enjoy your meal!

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