Dealing With Emergencies in Lima, Peru

Travel Tips — By Isabel Guerra on July 30, 2011 at 11:41 pm
Tourism Police Lima Peru

Tourism Police Officers (Photo: PNP/Dirture)

We never want to think about emergencies when we go on vacation: but disaster can strike anytime and anywhere, so it’s a good idea to get familiar with Lima’s emergency resources.

Emergency numbers: The number in Peru is not 911. For an emergency that requires police or medical support, call 105; for fire emergencies, call 116.

Tourism police: Peruvian Police has a special Tourism Division, called “Policía de Turismo y Protección del Ambiente,” and they should be your first choice in case you face issues like robbery, fraud, abusive tourism operators, counterfeit, credit card issues, etc. You will easily spot them since their shirts are not the standard khaki, but white. They maintain a webpage with security recommendations for tourists, and in Lima you can also contact them by calling 4622899 (land line) or 980121462 (cell phone). Their office is at Jiron Moore 268, Magdalena (close to Brasil Avenue, block 38), and their email is

Of course, this does not mean you cannot contact any police officer if you have a real emergency. If you need the contact details of the nearest police station or of any special crime unit, visit the Policía Nacional del Peru web page: The emergency number is (write this down!) 105.

Fires, car crashes: Peru has voluntary fire brigades in almost every district. Their service (100% free) covers not only fires but also road accidents and sometimes first aid for some minor incidents. Remember, the number is 116.

Serenazgo: This is a kind of municipal police –a remnant from colonial times, not related to the Peruvian police — that provides some additional security to citizens. Some municipalities, like Miraflores, claim to have prepared their staff to maintain “fluid conversations” in English, French, Italian, and even Japanese. The Serenazgo de Miraflores phone number is 3133773; Lima Serenazgo phone number is 3185050, and here’s a complete list of the districts that have Serenazgo services.

Medical care: We are sure you already have a travel insurance. But you may have some minor needs that do not pose a real threat, like that terrible hangover after that disco night, or just some sickness due to eating too much. Some pharmacies in fact do have a doctor on duty all the time, and the service is really cheap. You need to buy the pills, of course. But if you have a real emergency and have not booked any insurance, the best choice would be, again, calling 105 or 116, and they will take you to the nearest and the most suitable health facility.

Enjoy your vacation in Peru, and take care!

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