Delicious cakes in Lima, Peru.

Food, Travel Tips — By Isabel Guerra on September 16, 2011 at 7:34 pm

Pasteleria San Antonio. (Photo: Luis Tamayo/Flickr)

Your sweet tooth needs some cake, preferably with lots of icing. It is not difficult to find a good place for this in Lima, since Peruvians are very fond of desserts, and there are many new restaurants and gourmet cafeterias competing with each other. Here’s only a handful of suggestions that you may like –you may as well end up visiting all of them!

For a quick and easy to find place, go to any Wong supermarket. Those are present in almost all the main Lima districts, and there´s a small cafeteria inside each of them, with a wide selection of desserts, brownies, breads, sandwiches… and cakes. They also take orders of cakes for special occasions, but odds are that you will prefer to sit and relax with some of the tasty options here. Try the Selva Negra, the local version of Black Forest cake, or the delicious Soufflé de Guanábana (layers of cake, whipped cream and soursop).

Another option, a little more traditional and less on-the-go is Pasteleria San Antonio (Vasco Núñez de Balboa 770, Miraflores), with lots of many different specialties among cakes. Either if you love whipped cream, if you are a chocolate lover, or if you are just a pie fan, whatever your preferences in this department may be, you will surely find something you will love. Unless you are allergic to chocolat, don’t miss the Lúcuma (a 100% Peruvian fruit) Pyramid with Chocolate. Order it in Spanish: Pirámide de Lúcuma con Chocolate. Or try the Mousse de Maracuyá (Passion fruit mousse), or the traditional and so Peruvian Turrón de Doña Pepa.

Another place in Miraflores is Tortas Lucas (Juan de la Fuente 332), a place where you can either enjoy a serving of your favorite cake with a cup of coffee, ask for any on-the-go serving, or order something for a special ocassion. Try any their Tres Leches cake, or any their Bruselinas or Cheese Cakes. They even have delivery service, in case you need it: call 447-3885.

L’Artisan (Primavera 640, Chacarilla) is one of those lovely new places in Lima. It is not in Miraflores, but in Chacarilla, a classy neighborhood in Santiago de Surco district. This is a place that combines art and cuisine: in fact, the chef is also a ceramist, and you will find a large chocolate sculpture at the entrance. The décor is lovely and original, but the best here are the desserts. Their tiramisu cake is excellent, as well as their Milhojas Doré (see the photo!). If you are a foodie, you will truly enjoy this place, which offers not only desserts but also complete meals.

Milhojas Doré, at L'Artisan. Lima, Peru (Photo: L'Artisan Facebook Page)