Things to Do — By Isabel Guerra on October 12, 2011 at 2:52 am

Established in 1926, the Rafael Larco Herrera Museum, known simply as “Larco Museum”, showcases impressive collections of ancient Peruvian pottery and metalurgy, covering 3,000 years of history: it also features the finest collection of silver and gold objects in the country. However, the most famous collection in this museum is by far the “Sala Erótica” (“Erotic Hall”), dedicated to ancient pottery pieces depicting many sexual practices of Moche’s civilization.

Some of these artifacts are intriguing since they openly depict sexual practices such as necrophilia, zoofilia, women having intercourse while breastfeeding, anal sex (straight and gay), and intercourse between humans and gods, as well as many different sexual positions. Some researchers maintain that these objects may have been used during fertility rituals, but since many of them depict sexual practices not related to reproduction, the mystery on what the Moches used this pottery for continues.

Due to the extremely explicit nature of most of these objects, minors are not allowed  to visit this hall. They can play in the Museum’s garden while you visit this exhibition that you will not forget, for sure.

Researcher Rafael Larco, founder of this museum, has published these findings in a book called “Checán” (1966).