Things to Do — By Isabel Guerra on October 26, 2011 at 6:40 pm

This is a museum run by a private foundation, dedicated to the preservation of Peruvian ancient cultures’ textiles and pottery. Established in 1964 by Yoshitaro Amano (Japan,1898 – Peru, 1982), the Museo Amano collection is presented in two rooms, one for ceramics and one for textiles, both carefully covering different historic periods, but very specially the ones related to the Chancay civilization (1200-1450 A.D.) which reigned mainly in the valleys of Chancay and Chillon, on the middle coast of Peru. It is preferable to book your visit with a telephone call: the guides will give you a one-hour tour in Spanish (or in Japanese) for free, but a small donation it is expected from visitors. The colorful, well preserved textiles and ceramics show the Chancay’s artisans advanced skills, and are among the best displayed in Lima, showing the stunning beauty of Chancay weaving. Only small groups or individual visits are allowed, and despite this may not seem at first sight like a museum for everyone, we are sure that you will enjoy this visit.