Welcoming 2012 in Lima, Peru!

Events — By Isabel Guerra on December 26, 2011 at 5:57 pm

Fireworks in Lima (Photo: Rodney Dodig)

Limenians are friendly people, who cherish sharing special moments not only with the family, but also with friends. Probably that’s the reason why a recent poll shows that some 59% of them will spend New Year’s Eve at home, celebrating with with family and friends, while another 26% will welcome 2012 at a friend’s party: so odds are that you have already been invited to one of these special and genuinely friendly home parties.

If this is the case, you will have lots of fun and remember –you cannot just say “I don’t dance”. In Peru, partying means not only drinking and socializing, but also, dancing, lots of dance. It will be fun!

Despite the fact that only 10% of the polled said that they would attend a paid party at some club, there’s a wide offer of New Year’s Eve parties, either at the city or at any of the South Beaches discotheques, most of them themed parties, so you may find one to fit your personal preferences. We are naming only a few ones here.

Brisas del Titicaca: Welcome 2012 enjoying a 100% Peruvian folk show and a great dinner, as well as drinking and dancing. Tickets range from 180 to 299 soles (according to the seats location) and are on sale via Teleticket.com.

Ice New Year 2012: A New Year’s party held inside an igloo! Snow machines, ice statues, giant flat screens and of course, ice lots of colored cubes. This party will take place at Punta Hermosa Beach (Km 43 of Panamericana Sur road) and there will be shuttle buses to get there. Tickets range from 80 to 2,200 soles and are on sale via Tuentrada.com. More info on its Facebook page.

Fiesta del Sol: Xcess Bar (at Larcomar Shopping Center) is organizing this themed party, this time focused in the most important Inca celebration. Tickets range from 30 to 750 soles. For more info and reservations email mkt@xslarcomar.com or call 2558406 / 992508110.

Happy New Year 2012!