Visiting Peru: Paragliding in Lima

Things to Do — By Isabel Guerra on January 10, 2012 at 4:30 pm

Paragliding in Miraflores parks. (Photo: Parques de Miraflores blog)

¿Ever thought of paragliding? You can have a fresh start in Lima, since there are several companies that offer both tandem flights, led by experts, as well as formal training. In fact, many people tries a tamdem flight first, to make up their minds about enrolling (or not!) in a course.

There are two basic tours, offered by most of tour companies and private instructors as well.

The most popular is a tandem flight over Miraflores, which is likely to be a truly amazing experience, especially if you are a photography lover, since you will have a privileged view of the Lima “Costa Verde” beaches, the Miraflores buildings and skyline, Larcomar shopping center, a glimpse of Barranco and San Isidro, and if the weather is good (which is the case currently, since it’s summer here!) you may see Callao and La Punta, to the north. All of these flights last some 10 or 15 minutes and depart from Miraflores’ Raymondi Park, located at the Malecon Cisneros (block one), where there’s an area specially designed for tandem flights. Prices are around some US $50 per flight.

Other popular tandem flight will take you to the heights of Pachacamac, 40km south of Lima, a very interesting agricultural valley full of archaeological areas (like the Pachacamac fortress), wild beaches and high mountains; due to the latter, there are many different and strong air currents, which will take this trip more challenging. If you need some more adrenaline in your life, this could be a real good boost, which in addition will allow you to take some gorgeous photos and/or videos. You need to check the schedules (and prices!) for these with each tour operator, since they will have to provide the transportation to Pachacamac too.

There are several companies and instructors working on these tandem flight services; you can call them first and ask all of your questions, which is a very good idea since their web pages may not cover all the information you personally require. We may suggest FlyAdventure, AeroXtreme and Infinity, which have bilingual instructors.

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  • Ferro says:

    A few weeks ago I received a Christmas present in mid January, and it was one of the most originals I’ve ever had. My present ended up being a very nice paragliding trip over the coast of Miraflores. This was much unexpected but extremely exciting. After setting my harness Lalo, my pilot, told me to relax and enjoy it. Of course taking off wasn’t that easy, the wind can change any time and blow you in any direction but no worries even the sensation of being a feather is cool!!!


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