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Food — By Isabel Guerra on February 21, 2012 at 1:10 am

Chicken Tika Mix, Balti Gosht and Strawberry Lassi at Guru (Photo: Isabel Guerra)

Lima, Peru is becoming a true paradise for foodies. Not only its native cuisine is gaining recognition and growing day by day, but also many restaurants dedicated to other nations’ native cuisines are opening every month. One of these is Guru Kebab & Curry, which actually opened its doors in Surco three years ago, and has at present become a quite a referent regarding Indian and Pakistani cuisines.

The decoration and design of the restaurant are obviously Indian-themed, based in warm colours (specially red and orange), with dark wood tables and chairs. The place is owned and run by Pakistani-born Waheed Ashraf and his Peruvian wife Katia.

Ashraf prides in offering and preparing the very same traditional recipes that he learned from his mother: “I prefer not to make any fusion: I prefer to do what I already know.  And I prepare everything by myself here, including the yogurts and the bread dough” says Waheed, while Katia explains that they decided to open this restaurant because there was not any similar place in Lima: “It was about time and we were ready” she recalls.

However, if you think this is a 100% vegetarian place, you are wrong. It is true that there are many veggie-based dishes here, but as Katia says “this is not a religious restaurant, we are open to the many India and Pakistan styles”, so you will find many dishes made from chicken, beef and seafood, due not only to the historic coexistence of many nations, cultures and religions, but also to the influences and fusions left in these countries by foreign colonizations.

Balti Gosht at Guru. Lima, Peru (Photo: Isabel Guerra)

Celebrating its upcoming fourth anniversary, Guru is offering a renewed menu list, and we tried a couple of these new additions: Chicken Tika Mix, which combines three styles and flavors (shahi, hariyali and tandoori) in one,  and the Balti Gosht, a delicious and generous beef and curry dish native from the Punjab, (cooked in a wok) which may be enough for two people or maybe even for three.

We also had the traditional hand-made bread Garlic Naan, baked in the traditional tandoori oven, and a strawberry lassi, a yummy, refreshing and very cold yogurt-based beverage that combines very well with the food flavors and is also extremely easy to digest.

However, the place is a bit small and is often crowded in the evenings, so we strongly advice you to book a reservation in advance, specially if you want to go on weekends. Or you may want to have your meal delivered to your hotel, which may be possible if it is located in an area nearby the restaurant.

Guru Kebab & Curry

Benavides 3796, Surco, Lima.

Open Hours: Tuesday to Saturday Noon-4pm and 6:30pm-11pm. Sundays: Lunch only.

Phones: 273-5658 / 991-992-603.

Garlic Naan (Photo: Isabel Guerra)


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  • Ja mangji says:

    Just for the record, if it’s a Pakistani place then there is nothing “Indian” about it you ignorant idiot. The decor isn’t Indian, the colors aren’t Indian, the patterns aren’t Indian. It’s s Pakistani place!

    It’s like saying Peruvian food is a type of Mexican food, and all Peruvian culture is Mexican culture and you are all Mexicans. Right?


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