Gastronomic Tourism, A New World In Lima, Peru

Things to Do — By Isabel Guerra on March 22, 2012 at 3:28 pm
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Tourists attending a master chef class on Peruvian cuisine.

If there’s some activity that we all find truly enjoyable, that should be a great lunch or dinner. And if you are getting to know a new city, a new country, a new culture, what could be best than trying some of its most typical food? Native products, flavors and chefs, and with the advantage of being sure you are getting the real thing and at a fair price.

Cheers! Tourist enjoying at a pisco sour tasting.

Nowadays, Lima offers you the additional possibility of having the complete experience: a nice menu, a complete explanation on the ingredients and the dish itself, an interview with the chef, and maybe a master class if you are interested. Since Peruvian gastronomy is currently experiencing a boom, you will find many restaurants and even with our help it may be a little hard to make up your mind and pick one.

That’s where tour operators like Delectable Gourmet Tours come in handy. You only have to express your likes/dislikes and expectations, and they will design a gastronomic tour specially tailored for you –that is, a complete gourmet experience.

And do not worry about things like planning or logistics –they will arrange transportation, tours, and food, of course. But it’s not only food: you may also ask for delicacies like Peruvian wine tastings, pisco tastings, dinners with live shows, visiting food-related events, food fairs, etc.

Bon apettit!

Lima Peru Mistura Food Fair

Enjoying at the Mistura Food Fair Tourists Zone.


(All photos are a courtesy of Delectable Food Tours).


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