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Food, What's New — By Paul Bernhardt on March 12, 2012 at 11:45 am

It’s neither early nor late. But somewhere in between is brunch. And in Lisbon on Saturdays, it’s served at Eleven.

Actually, the tables at this celebrated fine dining venue are set for noon, when a pastel wash of soft, natural light accentuates the geometry of the contemporarily styled interior and tableware placed over crisp white linen.

Perched above the city’s Parque Eduardo VII, the views from the restaurant take in the very heart of the Portuguese capital and set the scene for a weekend treat.

Brunch at Eleven

Brunch is served at Eleven

The new menu, Brunch em 11 pedaços do Eleven, has been designed by Joachim Koerper and comprises 11 different plates of Portuguese and Mediterranean-inspired delicacies beautifully presented Continental-style.

Brunch at Eleven

Ensemble of fresh fruit

A confection of fresh croissants and crunchy almond whirls, rich chocolate cake, sugar coated muffins and other pastries are complemented by an imaginative selection of oven-baked bread.

Freshly squeezed orange juice, tangy and sweet, is poured at the same time as that essential morning pick-me-up, a bica (espresso). There’s also a choice of tea and infusions.

Eleven’s master chef is highly regarded for his expertise in combining traditional Portuguese produce with Mediterranean ingredients, and Koerper entices with his wafer thin hams, mildly spiced salami and wood-smoked salmon. The accompanying cheeses include queijo da Serra Estrela, one of the finest in the land. This is a cold plate that warms the heart!

Brunch at Eleven

Indulge with some sparkling wine

The espumante – sparkling wine that positively fizzes with anticipation – together with a harmonious ensemble of pineapple, blackcurrant, mango, papaya and kiwi fruit, perfectly cleanses the palate for what follows.

Brought to the table in a handsome lidded oven dish, the biologically produced spicy sausage over melt-in-your-mouth scrambled egg is simply delicious. The sprig of rosemary is a wonderful touch.

Brunch at Eleven

Spicy sausage and scrambled egg, beautifully presented

The culinary occasion is crowned with succulent neck of black pork served with grilled courgette and finger-thin fried potato.

Light, well balanced and carefully conceived, Eleven’s new brunch menu is best enjoyed at leisure with family or with groups of friends.

Breakfast epiphany, or enlightened lunch? You decide.

Saturday brunch at Eleven is €35 per person including taxes, with a 50% discount for children under 12.

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