250 Elephants on Parade in London

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May 3- July 4

250 adolescent fiberglass elephants will magically appear on sidewalks, in parks & squares and tourist attractions around town on May 3rd, in London’s largest display of public art to date. Dubbed Elephant Parade, these life-size Asian elephant models were painted by local and international celebrities, artists and designers including Diane von Furstenburg and Lulu Guinness all in the name of Indian elephant conservation.

Photo courtesy of drplokta

On June 23rd the cuddly little pachyderms will be rounded up and herded to the grounds of Chelsea Royal Hospital for an Elephant Mela lead by actress Goldie Hawn before being auctioned off by Sotheby’s on July 3rd. UK based charity elephant family founded by Mark Shand, brother of Camilla Parker-Bowles, hopes to raise £2 million for the plight of Asian elephants and their habitats. With success in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Thailand, Elephant Parade will stampede through London this summer and onto Milan and NYC with continued high hopes for endangered elephants.

Photo courtesy of raindog

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Photo courtesy of raindog

Photo courtesy of raindog

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  • Sandra Maury says:

    How fun! We’ve seen cows in Chicago and mules in Bethlehem but I think elephants beat them both!!


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