Musts and Must Nots of Packing for London

Travel Tips — By Erin Gallagher Maury on July 21, 2010 at 8:00 pm

After the camera, jeans, toothbrush and NG city guides (of course!) are carefully packed in your suitcase, here are a few tips from a local for keeping it simple and comfortable while exploring London:

Necessary items:

  • layers, layers, layers – this is a nautical climate, one minute it’s warm & sunny, the next it’s breezy & cloudy
  • a scarf – yes, in every season; stylish please
  • a light rain jacket – London’s reputation preceeds itself
  • a small, very small umbrella – it actually rains less than that reputation mentioned above, but it does drizzle frequently; a hood on that rain jacket above may be better than a brolly
  • comfy walking shoes – this is a walking city &  your tootsies are going to rebel if you’re teetering about in heels
  • your inside voice – locals like to keep conversations to themselves and do not want to hear yours

Totally unnecessary items:

  • baseball hats – way too casual for England, screams TOURIST
  • fanny packs – see previous blog for explanation
  • trainers/sneakers/tennis shoes – again, too casual … unless you are planning on jogging
  • London Fog trench coat contraption – over the top
  • Bulky backpacks – keep it simple, you’ll want to be hands free yet not taking out fellow travellers each time you turn around

Things to keep in your bag while in London:

  • Maps, maps & more maps –  This city is a puzzle and side streets may save serious time, try A-Z map of London or  the semi-discreet popoutmap,  but you’ll also need a Tube map
  • wet wipes – our lovely city is quite a dirty one & wait until you see your hands after a Tube journey
  • sunglasses – surprise, surprise!  It honestly is often sunny here too
  • hangover remedy – (paracetamol in the UK/acetaminophen in the US), damn pub crawls
  • Oyster card – public transport card, piece a cake

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