Daddy Donkey’s Kick Ass Burritos

Food, What's New — By Erin Gallagher Maury on March 29, 2011 at 5:32 pm

I moved to the UK nearly six years ago and often I am asked what I miss most about the United States. My reply is in this order:

  1. family and friends (since they are my most loyal readers)
  2. the weather, I’m from a very sunny place
  3. Mexican food

Oh how I miss Mexican food. Not that sloppy mess of gloppy cheese and grease many Brits think of when they picture Mexican food, but honest to goodness Mexican food.

Think fresh avocado, chipotle chillies, bright red tomatoes, tangy lime juice, cilantro aka coriander in the UK, smoked and slow roasted meats, adobe sauce and black beans cooked with some serious love and a load of cumin. Ahhhh, I’m dreaming about my favorite places in North Carolina right now: Carrburitos and Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn. With names like that, you know they have to be good. So when I spotted the Daddy Donkey food truck with a nice long queue on Leather Lane with the slogan Kick Ass Burritos, I was intrigued. Cautiously intrigued that is. I’ve been burned before in London when my hankering for a cold beer and some salty chips and salsa took over my sense of judgement. But this time, I wasn’t disappointed.

Daddy Donkey food truck on Leather Lane

All the boxes were ticked: funky signage, a friendly and happy staff behind the grill, a simple menu of four items: three different burritos and soft tacos, a very long line of eagerly awaiting customers, and most importantly: the taste. Muy fabuloso! The Daddy D grilled chicken buritto hit all those tastes I miss so much. I was so excited! Now I must mention my dad, who is visiting from the US, didn’t know what all my fuss was about. While he did indeed enjoy his carnitas (pork shoulder) burrito, he wondered why we weren’t instead inside a cozy pub with a pint and a plate of hearty sausages.

Burrito at Daddy Donkey

Inside a Daddy Donkey burrito


Daddy Donkey burritos are massive and can easily be shared. All cost just under £6, perfect for the budget minded. DD just started offering breakfast burritos, highly recommended for those in need of a spicy start to the morning. Enjoy Daddy Donkey kick ass burritos Monday through Friday, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, 100 Leather Lane.

images by Erin Maury


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