Los Angeles Seen from the Air

What's New — By Noah Albert on May 25, 2011 at 5:08 pm

Because Los Angeles is spread out over such a huge area, it is hard to get a handle on the city. Here I have collected a series of photos taken from above, in an effort to present some sort of thumbnail of the city. I don’t know if this will give any actual real insight into life on the Los Angeles basin, but this collection of photos might at least help you get your bearings. (The trick putting this together was finding photos taken on a clear day, as smog is a problem in this automobile oriented city!)

San Gabriel Mountains seen from the Inland Empire. The roads you see intersecting here are the I-215 (running from bottom to top on the left side of the photo) and the I-5 (crossing to the mountain pass on the right). Image: dsearls/flickr (9/2008).

San Gabriel Mountains in the clouds, again from the Inland Empire. Image: dsearls/flickr (6/2007).

The concrete gulch of the LA river and the railroad yards next to downtown. Image: dsearls/flickr (3/2008).

Downtown LA on a clear day, San Gabriel and Verdugo Mountains in background. Image: dsearls/flickr (1/2005).

Dodger Stadium. Image: dsearls/flickr (5/2005)

USC and the Los Angeles Coliseum. Image: dsearls/flickr (3/2008)

Century City on the right and Westwood on the left. Santa Monica Blvd makes a diagonal across the frame; Wilshire Blvd runs through the buildings in Westwood. Image: dsearls/flickr (6/2009).

I-405 near LAX. Note Randy’s Donuts. Image: dsearls/flickr (3/2011).

Marina Del Rey. Image: dsearls/flickr (1/2005).

Finally on the ground! Sunset at LAX. Image: respres/flickr (5/2011).

A big thank you to Doc Searls (dsearls) for traveling so much, taking so very many pictures from airplanes, and making them available on flickr.

[Thumbnail image courtesy of Magic Madzik/flickr]



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  • BudH says:

    It is pictures like this that remind me why I love Southern California.
    I have the best home town on the plaint:)


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