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Hot Hollywood Hotel Bars

Hot Hollywood Hotel Bars January 15, 2012 | Food, Hotels, Nightlife, Things to Do | Read More
Hankering for a celebrity sighting? Hotel bars in Hollywood happen to be havens for the rich and famous so sport your paparazzi-proof sunglasses and keep your eyes peeled at these hotspots. Bar Marmont at Chateau Marmont (8221 Sunset Blvd.) Old Hollywood glamour meets contemporary cuisine in a legendary...

Best Cafes in Los Angeles

Best Cafes in Los Angeles December 18, 2011 | Food, Things to Do | Read More
In a town where no one seems to have a “real” job, cafes are filled to the brim at all hours of the day with striving actors, optimistic screenwriters and industry meetings. Grab an organic bite to eat, sip on your favorite caffeinated or herbal bevvie and pull up a seat at these daytime hotspots...

Best Italian Cuisine in Los Angeles

Best Italian Cuisine in Los Angeles November 23, 2011 | Food | Read More
Craving pasta and a glass of wizened pinot? Look no further than these LA hotspots for Italian faire that takes your tastebuds on a tour of the old country. Drago Centro (525 S. FLower St.) Located in downtown Los Angeles, Chef Celestino Drago rediscovers local Italian dishes with contemporary cooking...

Rock Sugar in LA: A Pan-Asian Paradise

Rock Sugar in LA: A Pan-Asian Paradise October 18, 2011 | Food, Things to Do | Read More
Thundering drumbeats echoed through Century City’s Westfield Plaza while I navigated my way past the high-end retailers. I stopped by to watch an Indian dance group, complete with live tabla player and DJ, teach some boisterous bhangra moves to passerbys in the open-air food court area. The Bollywood...

Strolling Sushi Row in Los Angeles

Strolling Sushi Row in Los Angeles October 9, 2011 | Food | Read More
You won’t find comparable sushi in NYC or San Francisco, because LA chefs get the second pick, after Tokyo, of the freshest seafood from Japan. Saunter down Ventura Boulevard’s famed “Sushi Row” in the San Fernando Valley to savor the best sushi in America. Photo Courtesy of TMAB2003/Flickr 1....

Best Breakfast in Los Angeles

Best Breakfast in Los Angeles October 5, 2011 | Food | Read More
Schedule your power brunch meeting or recover from your all night rager by hopping into one of these popular breakfast spots in Los Angeles for your top o’ the morning grub. Aroma Coffee & Tea (4360 Tujunga Ave.) A hot spot for industry hob-nobbing, this Valley gem is always packed. If you don’t...

Free Things to Do in LA

Free Things to Do in LA September 27, 2011 | Events, Things to Do, Travel Tips | Read More
Forget cracking open the piggy bank to experience the best of LA. Check out these gratis activities to make your stay memorable and still have some dough left over to try a Pink’s hot dog. 1. Hike Due to LA’s predominantly “plastic” reputation, visitors tend to forget the magnificent natural...

Famous Los Angeles Cemeteries

Famous Los Angeles Cemeteries January 10, 2011 | Things to Do, Travel Tips, What's New | Read More
For a century now, Los Angeles has been well-known for its celebrity residents. In the natural course of things, this has meant a substantial number of famous corpses. Below is a listing of the illustrious cemeteries where these famous bodies have found their final resting place: Pierce Brothers Westwood...

Death under the Palms

Death under the Palms October 22, 2010 | Things to Do, Travel Tips | Read More
A big part of the attraction of Los Angeles is the element of celebrity and entertainment-biz glamour that can be found here. The hills are filled with the residences of starlets and big-wig producers; go to any upscale shopping center and pay attention, chances are that you will probably see a star...
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